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23 - ongoing


Idéal is a 24-year-old trans disabled Guadeloupean who moved to the UK 4 years ago. With a range of interests, he dabbles in photography, baking and fashion. Idéal would describe his style as "Goth adjacent" and alternative. 

This shoot aimed to capture some of his essence, help with his confidence after a bad breakup and document his tattoo journey.



Edwin Paul Jarrin-Andrade, son of latino immigrants who came to London over 28 years ago looking for a better life and to provide an opportunity for themselves and also for their children. Edwin arrived are the age of 3 to London and lived predominantly in east London for most of his life. Over the years his environment and curiosity nurtured his ability to experience different cultures that London has to offer which drove him to pick a camera up and start taking photographs and documenting his journey, love for sports and his interests. The scene for these selection of photos are his embrace of Latin fashion but also his love for the sport of basketball.



Ash is a 20 year-old Chinese girl and student on an having an exchange program in London. She is a photographer and artist. This work is mean to explore the visual presentation of her physical and mental being and aesthetic pursuits.





Judah is a 21-year-old non-binary disabled Londoner They are an all round creative with a passion of artistry, including DJing, photography & fashion. They describe their crafts as “bold and expressive,”This shoot aimed to capture Judah’s essence, build their confidence in front of the camera as much as behind it.

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