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Travelling around the world with my 2 film cameras 
+ Iphone has brought me so many different stories and memories. I think thats the thing I get most excited for when I travel, simply the journey and the documentation of it. From being in the air, to landing each image serves as a snippet of a memory that cements the trips. 


 Morocco , Marrakech ' 23
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Photographers note :

Jamaica. Home. 
The last time I stepped onto the island was when I was 1. 
My mama took me for 3 months in which I dined on fresh crab, bathed in vitamin D and took up the dialect learnt from the local children. Where I even met my late grandfather at his house in the mountains. 

'Mi nah want it, mi warn wata' 

Besides my mama retaining these images, my memory of Jamaica was non existent. Until 2023. 

Thoroughout these images, you don't get the crab or even the people of the land. 
You get the literal essence of the land and sea. - Bringing it right back to London. 

As you will see, the images are contaminated with sand and salt as I got a little too adventurous  with my point and shoot on my kayak thus leaving reminisce of granular particles. Although small, the series of images bring together the physical and textural history of my time in Jamaica as a child into the year 2023 being an adult exploring the land. 


Jamaica, Ochi Rios ' 23
18.4074° N, 77.1031° W

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